I have recently joined Google as a software engineer. I am interested in various aspects of data analysis, modeling of systems, and implementations of technology. I believe that an engineer should not choose problems based on their skills alone but should acquire any skill they need to solve a problem. This has led me to explore various areas of technology which I look forward to furthering in my current job. I enjoy cross-disciplinary collaborations, especially if I can contribute while exploring a new field.

My background is in science. I got my Ph.D. in physics at the Meister Lab at Harvard University. The lab's research is in neuroscience, specifically, the neurophysiology of the retina. There I concentrated on the more computational aspects, namely the neural code used by retinal ganglion cells. In other words, I studied the language used by the eye to communicate with the brain. More specifically, I wrote a computer program that searches through large model spaces to learn how a neural circuit encodes visual information. It does this by looking at the history of the output of the retina to known stimuli. Once the code has found an approximate model, it will predict future responses of the given neural circuit to new stimuli. Comparisons of the predictions to an independent data set serve to prove the program's success.

If you wish to contact me, please do so here or at the following address: real at post dot harvard dot edu. Also, my LinkedIn profile has more information about myself.